Psychology of Happiness: 7 Golden Rules

Do you realize that happiness is closer than it seems? Our tips will help you reach it!

  1. Work out

Thinking there is no place for sports in your busy schedule? Great news: even 10 minutes of exercise a day is enough to combat exhaustion and bad mood. It has been scientifically proven that even light physical activities - for example, walking - release endorphins and strengthen our brain work.

  1. Sleep more

Sleeping helps us recover, become more productive, and focus on work or studies easier. And it makes us happier! Our physiology is what matters: positive memories are processed by the part of the brain which is responsible for sleep. To deprive a person of sleep means to leave him or her without bright moments in memory. Moreover, the less we sleep, the more sensitive we are to negativity. In sleep we trust!

  1. Spend time with your family and loved ones

This, perhaps, is one of the biggest regrets people have at the end of their lives. Many wish they had realized earlier how important it is to be close to their loved ones. Income’s acceleration itself doesn’t bring as much happiness as the opportunity to please your family members, present them something valuable, or move to a big house all together. Don’t waste time!

  1. Go outside

Even 20 minutes spent outdoors will boost your brain and contribute to the development of your memory and thinking. Even the busiest person can afford a small walk during a lunch break or before going to bed. The American Meteorological Society even published data on the most optimal temperature for outdoor walks: +13.9 °C. So have a look at the thermometer and go outside!

  1. Help others

A curious fact: in order to feel happy, we must help others at least 2 hours a week or 100 hours a year. The ability to help people benefits our well-being and mood. Good deeds are the guarantee of inner harmony!

  1. Smile

Just one genuine smile is enough to make you feel better. According to experts from PsyBlog, it stimulates our ability to think, to remember, and to know. They also found out that “smilers” have better results in attention and memorization tests. So take a smile on board!

  1. Plan pleasant things

As it turns out, spending time nicely not only raises our mood, but also anticipates it. So, your vacation can bring you double pleasure when both planning and spending it. You can experience euphoria for several weeks! Make use of this emotional lift!

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