Key Tips & Questions to Create Interest in your Business

How to talk to your prospects to create interest in your business? Are there any magic words to make everyone go crazy about your business?

Put these tips into practice and expand your team!


#1 Business Posture & Confidence

You need to have business posture and self-confidence. Otherwise, you may look needy and people will think your business is not really working.

If you value your time, your business and yourself, they will do so too.

#2 Less bla bla and more ask ask

If your conversations sound like: “me blabla my business blabla”, no wonder your prospects look at the watch and yawn non-stop.

Focus the conversation on them! Let them talk about themselves – your goal is to get to know them better.

#3 Help, not get

Make no mistake: people can always tell if you care only about yourself, or if you really want to give them a good opportunity.

Stop thinking you need to “get” clients. Start thinking your job is to “help” people. Then, people will notice your good intentions and will be more willing to listen to you.


The goal of your conversations with prospects is to discover their NEED or PROBLEM to tell them how your business can SOLVE that.

What questions can you ask to find that out? It depends on the people, of course. 


For people who want to travel

  • You said you'd love traveling more. If I showed you an opportunity to travel as much as you want, would you like to check it out?

For people who aren't satisfied with their job

  • So, would you like to earn more? What if I told you I know an opportunity to earn extra income without the need for quitting your job/ working full time?

For people seeking to have more free time

  • I guess it must be hard to work so many extra hours. What if I told you that I work as much as I want in my business? Would you like to know more about it?

For people who want to take care of their family and work

  • Earning some money while bringing up your kids would be perfect, indeed. If I showed you a presentation about a business you can develop from home, would you watch it?

We hope these tips and questions help you awake everybody's interest in your business!

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