[Tips] How to deal with destructive criticism?

Whatever you do, someone will always judge you. So, we want to share with you some methods to combat destructive criticism.

Find useful tips below.

Those who are full of insecurities and fears usually release negative emotions. Say “NO” to haters and stop worrying about mean comments on-site and on the Internet!

- “Don't look at the wall because your eyes go to where you are looking

This quote by the famous American racer Mario Andretti perfectly illustrates our whole life. Just as a racer can't take his eyes off the road, any determined person should only look ahead. If you get distracted, you can crash into the walls. Ignore all negative comments and focus on your goal.

- “In life, ignore the boos. They usually come from the cheap seats.

You have to know the difference between constructive and destructive criticism. Those who criticize just for the sake of it may be jealous of your success and may try to call you down, but have to ignore them. Such people have nothing else to do except for proving the world that they are better than others. Remember that barking at a knot never made a knot tighter or looser. You are better than that.

- “If you decide to respond to your haters, ‘kill’ them with kindness.”

It's amazing the wonders kind words do. When people express themselves aggressively or negatively, they expect you to make up excuses or show your teeth. They want to accuse you of having done something badly. But if you are patient and friendly, you will disarm even the strongest criticism.

- “Do what you like, people will criticize you anyway.”

This is the most important advice. Even if you are an angel, someone will hate your wings flapping. It is impossible to please everyone. So, all you have to do is to believe in your strength, move towards your goals confidently, and never give up!

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