f you want success, you need to build a great business. If you want to build a great business, you need people. If you want to invite people, this is what you have to do!

Learn what you have to do before, during and after each business presentation!

Before: Discover their dreams and hopes

Why? If you know exactly what they want, you will be able to find a more personal approach and address their needs much better in your business presentation.

Example: Do you need money now? Place an order. Can't you spend a lot of money? We have different prepayments. Do you want savings for your future? Buy gold bars.

How? Ask questions! You have to be great at asking and listening, because the person who asks the questions is the one who controls the conversation.

During: Don't sell, don't put pressure

Why? Because pushing your product or your business NEVER works. It is a huge mistake. You will make people feel uncomfortable and later they will tell everyone how unprofessional your company and you are.

Example: Imagine that someone recommends you to watch a movie. If he says: “It's nice! I think you will love it!” you may be interested and will go to watch it. On the other hand, if he is day and night repeating how wonderful and awesome that movie is, you will most probably be annoyed and won't want to hear a word about that movie ever again.

How? Educate, don't push. Teach them how your product or your business opportunity is the best option for them to solve their problems. If you don't try to sell them anything, you will have more credibility.

After: Don't take things personally

If they say “yes”, then great! But if they say “no”, never take it personally.

Why? If you made a good impression, even if they say “no”, some day they might reconsider your offer and they will end up calling you. Moreover, they may even recommend you to some of their friends who might be interested. And of course, they will speak well about you and the company.

How? Be nice and smile during the business presentation and, at the end, thank them for their time. Keep in touch with all your potential clients and give them your business card to contact you if they ever change their mind.

And what now? Keep on working because numbers never lie!

If you repeat this over and over again with enough people, you will find a lot of new clients!

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Coffee on the way, stressful rush hours, office routine, an episode or two of another TV-show in the evening, and the next day, it will be exactly the same… Does the story of a groundhog day ring a bell?

Our society is a society of consumers. Modern life is a merry-go-round: we ride it while keeping track of those ahead and don’t realize that we are going round in circles. School, university, work, mortgage, retirement... This life program seems fine and logical, but it only proves that we are all elements of one consumer system.

What does the consumer system imply?

Most of the population works to pay bills, clear their debts and entertain themselves. Many do not even try to change something in their lives in order to earn more, strive for new achievements, and set new goals. Fast food and the Internet often meet the vision of comfort and a good life for many.

What is the difference between consumers and creators?

A small percentage of people can be called creators: they are interested in trying something new and useful, in searching for harmony and improving the world. They are not afraid to take unconventional decisions, to behave differently and to be one-of-a-kind. These people want more than mere consumption, they have the urge to be useful.

So, consumers want to buy and spend while creators have higher values. Creators don’t want to work for money or to show off: they need self-development and strive to help others.

How to break the vicious circle of consumerism?

You should want to change your life, to create something beautiful to leave behind. Stop looking at work as a way of making a living; your work should inspire you and stimulate self-development. Don’t take everything for granted, start to appreciate your time and stop giving in to your weaknesses and laziness.

In order to start moving in the right direction, you need a push. Answer the question “Do I want to live a full life?” and get all set for your brand-new lifestyle.

Strategy matters but its implementation requires skills, talent, and proper techniques.

Find some practical tips on how to be the best of the best.

Working efficiently is more important than working hard

Your work is a reflection of yourself. If some strategies don’t work, you may need to look within yourself and self-develop.

Try not to work only on improving your work, but rather on self-improvement. The winning formula is to spend 20% energy on work and 80% on self-development. Remember that you don’t need to work yourself to death to achieve success!

Put yourself in extreme situations

We are not talking about parachute jumping, of course. Although, why not? The idea is to get out of your comfort zone if you want to grow.

Yes, it can be scary at first, but you become stronger by overcoming your fears. Prove to yourself that you are hard to break. Take new opportunities and don’t let the grass grow under your feet!

Create your own style

Making use of existing techniques is OK. But if you want to achieve outstanding results, you need to go beyond: come up with your own style and bring it to perfection.

The fact is that other people’s success may hide in their individual features and won’t suit you at all. Borrowed paths can also lead to unwanted goals because they aren't meant exactly for you. Be original in your approach and don’t be afraid to try new things!

Fall in love with the process

Reaping the fruits is great. But if the road was painful, they will taste bitter. That's why it's so important to enjoy what you are doing.

If it doesn’t feel right, ask yourself: “am I moving in the right direction?” Then, think how to make it better: change the way you carry out tasks or add some incentive to your routine.

Don’t forget WHY you are doing this

Follow your instinct and don't wander along the way. Don't take the easy road and enjoy the journey!

We hope our advice will help you grow fast in the gold business!

Being a mom is the hardest, but most rewarding job in the world. Now, your "mom skills" can help you build a successful and very profitable business!

Find out how!

1. Motivation 24/7

You always have a reason to keep moving forward and never give up: to provide your children with the best education, to take them to dance or football classes, to enjoy great family vacations, etc.

The best of all? You get to work from home and choose your working hours. At the end of the day, what matters the most for your kids is not the gifts, the treats or the lessons, but the time you spend with them.

2. You are a problem-solver

Moms face all kind of problems and urgent needs in their daily lives - they need to react and think fast. And of course, always doing what is best for their children.

These skills come in handy when conflicts arise in your team: you will be able to solve any situation and act for the good of all.

3. You are already a leader

You have patience with your children, you educate them and help them make better choices... and yes, you love to see how they learn and grow!

The same happens with your new clients: you will walk by their side from the beginning step by step until they are ready to fly on their own!

4. Time management

Waking up, preparing breakfast, dressing the kids, taking them to school, going to work, coming back, picking them up, helping them with homework, etc, etc.

Being productive and multitasking is part of everyday life! A skill that will help you better organize your agenda and work plan with your team.

5. Teach values to your children

Both your children and your new teammates will learn from you that only constant work and a positive attitude will take them far. Nobody will give them anything for free, but they will know what to do to fulfill all their dreams.

Nothing will ever stop them thanks to you!

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8 out of 10 young people dream of having their own home. How much money do they have to save to make this dream come true?

The American dream

A recent survey in the US has showed that 80% of millennials (people born between 1982 and 2004) would like to buy a house. Most of them hope to afford it in five years time. Meanwhile, 68% of the respondents have less than $1,000 in their bank account and 44% have no savings whatsoever.

Many have student debts and limited career opportunities: most young people who have just started working don’t have any funds left after paying all their monthly debts.

Wages vs. Prices

According to the survey, the real estate sector is gaining twice as fast as wages. Moreover, millennials tend to believe that they will have to pay a smaller down payment than they actually do. The majority of the respondents estimated it at approximately $37,000, which is less than half of the actual amount.

How long does it take to save enough money to afford a house?

Given the complexity of the economic situation and the lack of affordable housing in the country, the situation is alarming: at best, it will take 10-15 years to save enough money to buy a house. If choosing a slightly more advantageous location and amenities on the other hand, one should get ready to wait for about 25 years.

The bestselling author and motivational speaker David Bach warns: "If millennials don't buy a home, their chances of actually having any wealth in this country are little to none. The average homeowner to this day is 38 times wealthier than a renter."

Life gets easier with Global InterGold

With the Global InterGold company, you can solve several problems at once: the difficulty to find a well-paid job with no working experience right after graduating, to earn good money and to accumulate savings. Those who work with Global InterGold can afford much more than just a house!

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