13 ways to earn money with no professional background

ways to earn money with
no professional background

Ok, you need money right now. But you've got no higher education, professional background and definitely, you've got no time to study. But you've got no time to lose either!

"We are looking for a 22-28 year-old person with 30 years of experience and two master degrees". It sounds ridiculous, but isn't it actually similar to what you're asked when looking for a job? What if you don’t have any experience or diplomas yet?

Employers have high demands nowadays. This is why we have gathered 13 ways to earn money that will suit everybody.

Way to earn money #1

Handing out flyers

to hand our advertising flyers, brochures or business cards
50 ~100 EUR/month
good appearance, communication skills
People distributing advertising flyers in the street are called promoters. They usually work part-time and get paid 2 EUR per hour approximately.
What's most difficult is that weather conditions don’t matter: you must work despite heat, rain or snow. Promoters may be made to wear some ridiculous outfits too to draw the attention of people. Something like a teddy bear or a giant plush tooth costume.
Way to earn money #2


to take orders, serve food, clean tables, etc.
700~900 EUR/month
agility, energy, politeness and excellent memory; language skills are an advantage
Find a cafe, pizzeria, restaurant or the like that requires waiter service. Did you know that many celebrities started out by serving food? Dolph Lundgren, Jennifer Lopez, Mickey Rourke and Jennifer Aniston did not get into Hollywood out of the blue: they all worked in bars and eateries, washed the dishes and took care of the customers' culinary desires.

To receive generous tips, you'll need to make a good impression for customers and learn the menu in detail. A waiter’s average salary in Europe is about 700 EUR a month depending on the country, venue and expertise.
Way to earn money #3

Check out Craigslist

to find a job you can easily do
200~800 EUR/month
depending on the job
Craigslist is a website where you can find earning opportunities in 700 cities of 70 countries. You can find jobs of any sort: from walking someone's dog in Rome for 5 EUR to doing some gardening in Barcelona for 15 EUR per hour, cleaning apartments in the center of Amsterdam for 9 EUR per hour or babysitting for 8 EUR per hour. You choose!

It's easy to find a job there that does not require much experience.
Way to earn money #4

Renting out your apartment via Airbnb

to rent out your house, apartment or room
200~1,500 EUR/month
Internet access, living space
Airbnb is a portal that allows people rent out their house, apartment or room, usually for a short period of time. All you need is to dust off your apartment and leave it empty for a day, a weekend or a whole month. Another option is to live in one room if you happen to have several, and rent the others.

On Airbnb, you can rent or book from a terrace to a room, an attic, a boat, a lighthouse or a hut in the garden. The problem? You may have to face irregular earnings, troubles with tenants, long online conversations and hospitality issues.
Way to earn money #5

Participating in commercial tests

to participate in online surveys
10~300 EUR/month
Internet access, e-mail
You can earn some money by participating in online surveys, which are research projects.
The most popular companies are:
Myiyo: Every 1,000 points will bring you 1 EUR.
Clixsense: With every test, your earn 2,5 EUR. You can also gain bonuses for extra tasks and inviting your friends to join.
I-Say (also Ipsos): The points you accumulate turn into cash. Each survey will take you about 30 min.

However, if you do not belong to a certain target audience, you will not be able to participate.
Way to earn money #6

Reselling tickets

to buy tickets and sell them at a higher price
50~1,000 EUR/month
Internet access, money to buy tickets
To earn money by reselling tickets, you need to constantly monitor all the events around and be faster than other dealers.
If you buy tickets for popular games, shows or concerts, you might be able to sell them 2-3 times more expensive, especially on the day of the event. But you risk buying tickets and not selling them at a higher price or not selling them at all.
Note: You should first check whether this practice is permitted by law in your country.
Way to earn money #7

Being rented as a friend

to accompany other people
50~700 EUR
Internet access, membership fee of 20 EUR
RentAFriend.com is a website that gathers people who agree to become someone’s friend for money. People will pay you money for attending some event, going to see a movie, having dinner or going for a walk. All you need to do is to complete your profile telling some information about yourself and your interests, upload a picture of you and wait for offers from different parts of the world. From now on, you can become someone's potential friend.
The amount of money you earn for this service is determined by a confidential mutual agreement. Nevertheless, it is known that you can get from 5 to 40 EUR per hour! And apart from money, you can make friends in any corners of the globe and keep in touch since the first meeting.
Way to earn money #8

Launching a handmade project

to craft accessories
20~900 EUR/month
start-up capital to buy materials, talent of a stylist/designer
Can you make beautiful bracelets? What about designing original necklaces? If you have a gift, it is time to turn your passion into your profession!
You can start by creating a page in social networks: add photos of your masterpieces and ask your friends to share them! Depending on the materials and the quality, it can cost from 5 to 40 EUR.
Way to earn money #9

Reselling clothes

to find cheap but good secondhand clothes and sell them at a higher price
15~700 EUR/month
Sense of style, fashion and trend awareness
Find the nearest secondhand shops in your neighbourhood and check them from time to time. At first it may seem that there is nothing good, but once you examine them carefully you'll find some nice clothes, even branded if you're lucky!
Wash and iron them. Later take some nice photos and upload them to groups of social networks, Ebay.com, Live Journal communities, etc. Remember the golden rule: one item, one post, one photo!
Way to earn money #10

Becoming a gamer

to record yourself while playing games
50~500 EUR/month
flexibility, sense of humor, good gaming skills; sometimes start-up capital is required to register on a gaming website
ProGaming is very famous in China, South Korea and it is growing popular the US and Europe. The most famous player of China, Dota2, earns about 4,500 EUR a month. The most known gamers earn about 160,000 USD per year in the US, and up to 70,000 EUR in Europe.
Way to earn money #11


to create and publish interesting content
10~500 EUR/month
good writing skills, creativity; photographic skills are an advantage
Every month, about 34 million new blogs are launched. If your content is really attractive and interesting, you can gain popularity and respect among your followers. The more followers you have, the more money you will earn.
First, decide what to write about, what topics you want to cover, and what pictures you plan to publish. Once you reach an audience of at least 50,000 people, you can start earning money by advertising products, services or websites. For one successful text, you can earn up to 100 EUR!
Pete Cashmore, a successful and young blogger and founder of Mashable, a multi-platform media and entertainment company, earns at least 535,000 EUR a month!
Way to earn money #12

Launching you own YouTube channel

to record original videos
15~1,000 EUR/month
creativity in writing scripts or sketches, good shooting skills, charisma
YouTube is the most popular website to upload and watch videos with an audience of over 1 billion people.
Most YouTubers want to achieve the same success as PewDiePie. Felix Chelberg (PewDiePie’s real name) has more than 55 million subscribers. One of this last videos was viewed 42 million times! For advertising, he receives 1.3 million dollars a month.
For comparison, an average YouTuber can earn about 2 EUR per 1,000 views. The price depends on the audience, so if you want to make a video viral, get ready to put a lot of effort!
Way to earn money #13

Earning with gold

to buy and sell gold, to promote a gold business

5,000~10,000 EUR
Internet access, start-up capital of 275 EUR
GLOBAL INTERGOLD is an international online shop that sells and buys gold investment bars from 35 EUR per item.
The company has developed a bonus program with elements of network marketing through which people can buy sets of gold bars with a small prepayment and cover the rest by promoting its goods and services. For successful recommendations and expanding the customer portfolio, clients can offset the cost and earn about 7,000 EUR per month.
Today, more than two million people around the world earn money and build a gold reserve with Global InterGold.

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