5 Fun Tricks to Encourage your Team!

What is business without a bit of fun? There is always time to enjoy and it is even better if you can use it to encourage your team.

Have fun and achieve the best of success!

Celebrate Good Times, Come On!

There is always a reason to celebrate: your first direct client, your first reward, your first Leaders Award... You worked hard, pursued your goals and achieved them. Treat yourself to something special – you deserve it!

Acknowledge your Team

How satisfying is it to see how the people you have helped and worked with achieve all their goals? Incredible! Congratulate your colleagues for each of their achievements, they will appreciate that coming from you.

If you happen to live far away, use social networks and encourage other people to congratulate them too. Remember that public recognition is very rewarding.

Create + Participate in Contests

Anyone up for a bit of excitement? There is nothing like a small contest to encourage your team.

How? One idea could be as follows: agree on a small award for the first person to win a Leaders Watch, reach a certain Leadership level, etc. Get creative!

Besides, you can always participate in the company's contests – the prizes will never disappoint you!

Spend Quality Time Together

If you want to strengthen your relationship with them, business cannot be your only topic of conversation: go out for dinner together, visit an amusement park, organize a barbecue, go hiking and spend a day in nature... get to know each other!

If again, you live in different countries you can always gather at Global InterGold's events, where you can also meet hundreds of people and have a great time.

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Cheer Up your Team!

There will be certain moments in which people feel unmotivated or sad. But don't let anything beat you down!

Cheer up your team by focusing on the big picture: remind them about your common goals, how much you have achieved so far, and how much you will achieve together in the future!

Nothing will stop you!

Share this article with your team and start putting these ideas into practice!

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