The Iceberg Illusion: What Success is Really Like

Have you ever heard of the Iceberg Illusion? It is both the perfect explanation of how you achieved success and why some people expect to succeed overnight.

Read on and learn what success is really like!

An iceberg is a large block of ice floating freely in the ocean. But if you come across one, you will only see its small surface and not the large block hiding underwater.

Well, the same happens with success: people only see your success and pay no attention to everything you have done to get there.

If we knew what's really behind success, we'd appreciate more the work of successful people.

Besides, we'd know that success doesn't come in a matter of days and we wouldn't give up so fast when pursuing our goals.

If success is your goal, take a look at what you need to go through first!

What do people see? Only 20%

If you have already achieved success, then you travel around the world, work with successful people, spend all the time you want with your family and friends, a lot of people respect you... and much more!

You are the image of success, wealth, happiness and confidence.

A piece of cake? Not exactly. This is what people don't see:

  • Persistence

Working against all odds! Not everyone will accept what you do and there will be obstacles on the way, but you keep on trying because you have one goal.

  • Failure

Embracing failure. If you fall 7 times, stand up 8. Those who have succeeded have fallen more times than anyone else.

  • Sacrifice

Maybe you decide to quit your traditional job to dedicate full-time to your business and it may suppose a sacrifice... until you start earning money.

  • Disappointment

Not everything will go exactly as you expect in your life. You have to accept and adapt to changes, and then keep moving forward.

  • Discipline

EVERY DAY: work, learn something new, improve your set of skills, listen to successful people.

  • Hard work

In today's fast world, we want everything here and now and quit too soon, when that doesn't actually happen. Take into account that all success stories happened because of hard work.

  • Dedication

Staying committed to your goals, your vision, your team.

  • Good habits

Sticking to a healthy lifestyle is key to be productive. Sleep well, eat right, do exercise, etc.

And of course, do everything with passion!

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