Professional Advice: How to Control People and Push Things Along

How not to give in to people’s pressure and make them respect you? How to cope with manipulators? How to get along with any person even if you don’t like him or her?

Here you are tips to use not only in business, but also in everyday life.

A sharp look

Sometimes one glance is enough to prove that you are a leader with a strong personality. Practice an intensive look “through” your opponent’s eyes as if you saw something deep inside his or her mind. People will feel your strength of will and self-control, which will make them respect you.

A powerful pause

People may ask indelicate questions in front of others to confuse you. What you can do in turn is to look straight into the eyes of your opponent as if you were about to answer, but don't say anything. At some point, the provocateur will get embarrassed and will look away, so you’ll be able to change the topic. Most probably, this person will be ashamed to ask you such questions again.

Patience and incentive

People often try to get what they want by simply demanding it intensively and expecting others to give way to their persistence. Instead of disputing, you can patiently encourage the person to keep expressing his or her ideas. By lacking resistance, your opponent will eventually stop overreacting and then may even apologize for being impassioned and overdemanding.

Struggle with pressure

Remember that a person who tries to put you under pressure aims to make you feel that you have to fulfill his or her requests anyway. In response, you can openly ask this person, "Are you putting a strain on me?" or simply keep saying “no” to inappropriate demands gently, but firmly.

The ability to say “NO”

Learn how to say "no" rather than "perhaps", "I don’t know" or "let’s see". The main secret is to stop feeling guilty when saying this magic word. Instead, believe that you are making the right decision.


Some of the people we meet may not be pleasant - that’s natural. In order to cope with stress when communicating with them, you need something more than a forced smile and fake enthusiasm. Imagine your opponent as a small child and you will feel sincere inability to get angry or mad at him or her. Your interlocutor will be unable to ignore the genuine feeling you radiate. This trick disarms even highly toxic people.

We hope that these practical tips will help you achieve success and reach your goals, no matter what!

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