How to Find More Clients? Passive & Active Strategies

Imagine meeting people interested in your business every day. Imagine people contacting you every day to know more about your business. Now, imagine both. Do you want that?

Then, discover how to use Passive & Active Strategies to promote yourself and your business!

First of all: What is the difference between active and passive strategies?

Active strategies are those that you repeat continuously to find prospects, while passive ones refer to something you do once but allows prospects to find you long after you have done that.

3 Passive Strategies

  1. Videos & Photos

Record videos and upload them to YouTube, or record them with Global InterGold's professional crew at the events and find them later. Then, leave your contact details in a comment below, and some nice words for people to contact you!


Leave comments in articles and news on the official Global InterGold websites, as well as other websites which often write about Global InterGold's business opportunity. For example: write your opinion about the business and why should people join. Don't forget to leave your contact details or a link to register!

  1. Posts

There are a lot of groups in Facebook and other social networks where you can post information, a photo or a video of yourself or the business. But never spam! Publish quality materials and make yourself a name there to win them over.

3 Active Strategies

  1. Business cards

Well, in real life you cannot copy paste your contact details. So, get a card wallet to be always ready to hand out business cards! You will be able to contact more people and make a great first impression.

If you don't have business cards yet, visit this website enter your data, choose a design and print out as many business cards as you want!

  1. Face to Face

Every time you walk down the street, you see hundreds of people – and you can talk to them all! If you love talking to people, it will be much easier for you to meet potential clients.

When you talk to people, pay attention to what they say to know if they have some problem that your business can solve.

  1. Events

Any kind of event is great to find potential clients. Though most likely, you will meet more people interested in running a business of their own at business events.
Don't be shy and start a conversation with anyone, but don't talk about your business then. Just get their contact details.

We hope you find theses tips useful!

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