[Part 2] The lives of 5 millionaires: success after 30

If you liked the first part, you are going to love the second one!

More success stories, more motivation!

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Ben Horowitz, co-founder of LoudCloud

After graduating, Ben Horowitz kept having different jobs until he settled down as a project manager in the Netscape corporation. It was there, however, where he met Marc Andreessen, his future partner for the SaaS-project “LoudCloud”. They went through ups and downs, financial difficulties, and worked a lot, but it all paid off: their company was bought for $1.6 billion when Ben Horowitz was 41.

Global InterGold, success, millionaire

Peter Thiel, co-founder of Paypal

The future billionaire was born in Germany and migrated to the United States with his family at an early age. In the 90s, at the very beginning of his career, he worked as a judicial clerk and trader. He also created an investment fund. But his best moment came when his project, the PayPal online payment system, with Max Levchin was bought by eBay for $ 1.5 billion. Thiel profited $55 million from that transaction. His fortune is currently estimated at $2.7 billion.

Global InterGold, success, millionaire

Sam Walton, founder of Walmart

This man built an empire of more than 4,000 stores in different countries from scratch. His childhood was difficult, and the war broke out when he was a very young man. But the difficulties of life didn’t prevent him from working in the trade industry. Mr. Walton first opened a franchise shop, then his own tiny store, and by the time he was 44, he had opened a unique supermarket with the cozy atmosphere of countryside stalls. And it worked out well! He had a lot of customers. What's curious is that, even though he was very wealthy, he drove an old pickup van. The Waltons are still known as one of the richest families in the world.

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Henry Ford, founder of Ford

The creator of "a car for everyone" was born in a family of farmers. They expected him to spend his life working the land. They didn’t approve the interest of their son in mechanics and engineering. However, over the years, his interest turned into an obsession that led him to bankruptcy in several projects related to Ford and to numerous fights with his colleagues and partners. Many have acknowledged that, because of his perfectionism, he often failed deadlines and violated terms and conditions of contracts. However, he got rich, developed a strong company, and made moving around easier by building affordable automobiles.

Global InterGold, success, millionaire

Mark Cuban, founder of MicroSolutions

Mark’s youth was troubled: he got fired from several companies and lived in a tiny apartment where he didn’t even have a bed together with five friends. He was a bartender and a sales manager, and traveled across America in an old car. His interest in programming and computers though, made him found “MicroSolutions”, which specialized in network equipment. When Mr. Cuban turned 32, he sold it, and started a new project called “Broadcast.com”, which was later bought by Yahoo for $5 billion. His personal fortune is now estimated at $3.3 billion.

Global InterGold, success, millionaire

Move always forward! Success is just around the corner!

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