[A client’s statement] 'Why have I chosen Global InterGold?'

Igor Ignatkin, GIG's client and member of “Leaders Team”, has recently posted in the social networks a list of the reasons why he works with Global InterGold.

And he gathered as many as… 63 reasons! Find them out and make use of them when presenting!

Global InterGold, gold, business


1) It's hard to find someone who does not know what gold is

2) A unique product whose price is growing over time

3) Constant self-development

4) Establishing contacts with successful and wealthy people

5) No monthly purchases

6) No need to explain the product benefits

7) The company offers a simple and profitable business model with elements of network marketing

8) Over 7 years in the global market

9) Customers in 200 countries

10) More than 2 million customers

11) Reliable European company

12) Production of GIG-branded gold bars

13) “Forrpeople” educational business platform

14) It is impossible to lose money

15) No time frames

16) No boss

17) No alarm clocks

18) You decide how much time to spend on the business

19) Work from anywhere in the world

20) Free training

21) Promotional materials

22) SMM-marketing by the company

23) Promotion in social networks: Instagram, Facebook, etc.

24) Stable source of income

25) Your business depends on your own efforts

26) Creation personal gold reserves for capital protection

27) GoldSet marketing program

28) The opportunity to improve the lives of others

29) The company's worldwide fame

30) The company's trustworthiness

Global InterGold, gold, business

31) Gold is more than money

32) Legal security

33) The business is on the rise

34) You get rewards before the full closure of tables

35) You can purchase the product without participating in the marketing program

36) You can keep your 999.9 purity gold bars in a Swiss bank

37) Gold prices are growing even during crises

38) The speed of business is amazing

39) The company praises your achievements with watches, cuff-links, pendants, luxury cruises, and other gifts.

40) The business is conquering Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus

41) Hundreds of people join our business every day

42) In any economic situation, it is the most profitable way of saving and investing

43) Simple purchase procedure

44) 24/7 support

45) Passive income

46) No logistics issues

47) No need to rent and maintain a physical office

48) You can reach the income level of at least 1,000 EUR in 2 weeks

49) You don’t need to pay taxes

50) Legal, reliable, and highly profitable business

51) No matter who you are, where you live, how old you are, and what sex you belong to: everyone can run this business

52) There is no need to aggressively sell the product to all your friends

53) Remuneration in the form of 999.9 purity gold bar

54) Unlimited earnings and financial freedom

55) Business flexibility

56) Physical investment gold bars of 995 fineness which, most of all, are considered as investment assets, so the import and export of gold bars is allowed without restrictions in the EU and in most countries of the world

57) The purchase of physical investment gold bars doesn’t imply tax obligations

58) You can sell the gold back to the Online Gold Shop and get EUR

59) The company has developed a revolutionary loyalty program that allows customers to pay up to 90% of the value of investment gold at the expense of bonuses

60) Bonuses in EUR are credited for successful recommendations and the expansion of the customer portfolio

61) Global InterGold's events are well-known for their greatness

62) You can work on-site and online

63) Gold helps to preserve and increase your capital, and it is a highly liquid product which can always be quickly and easily exchanged for money

Impressive, isn’t it? Don’t waste your time, learn every detail about this rewarding business and become wealthy and successful!

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