Robert Kiyosaki: 8 Lessons in Military Leadership to Become a Good Leader

Can military education actually help us become good leaders? Can one person lead a whole team to success?

Robert Kiyosaki says so.

The acclaimed entrepreneur and author of bestsellers Robert Kiyosaki, compared both his experiences in the army and the business world in his book “8 Lessons in Military Leadership for Entrepreneurs.”

According to the business expert:

The training, discipline, and leadership skills taught in the military can be leveraged for huge success in the world of business.”

And if you wish to succeed in business, you have to think differently from everything you were taught in school. So, how can military education help us become good leaders over traditional education?

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Traditional education vs. Military education

In school education, you:

  • Learn to be competitive: personal survival
  • Learn by reading and listening (theory)
  • Get bad marks for making mistakes → Perfection is the path to success.
  • Need only mental intelligence
  • Get trained to become a good employee

In military education, you:

  • Learn to cooperate: group survival
  • Learn by doing (practice)
  • Learn from your mistakes → Failure is the path to success.
  • Need mental, physical, emotional and spiritual intelligences
  • Get trained to become a good leader

Now that you know the difference, let's see the 8 Lessons you can apply to become a good leader and entrepreneur

Global InterGold, Kiyosaki, education, entrepreneur, leadership

Lesson #1: Leaders are Role Models

Leaders' power comes from being a good example. They don't lead by giving orders – they lead by becoming a living example of what they teach.

Take the lead and give always more than you expect to receive. This never fails to inspire the team to follow any mission!

Lesson #2: Are You a Loner or a Leader

A lone wolf can't get as far as a whole pack. Leaders need to take care of all the members and make them feel they belong to and are important for the team.

That's why leaders also require emotional intelligence to connect with others and keep a good work environment.

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Lesson #3: Discipline Delivers a Higher Quality of Life

To follow your action plan and keep on advancing, you need to rely on your own discipline. Moving towards a new state of life requires strength and perseverance to stand pressure and overcome challenges.

Lesson #4: The Power of Respect

The team, the mission, and each individual deserve respect. As part of the military training, people learn to leave aside their individual pride and care for everyone.

This is very helpful when working with international colleagues with different points of views and ideas.

Lesson #5: The Need for Speed

If a wagon is slow, the whole train will move slowly too. Everything goes smoothly when everyone learns and takes action at the same pace. Taking decisions quickly is also important to reach results!

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Lesson #6: Unite to Win & Divide to Conquer

The biggest goal seems (and is) easy to achieve if the whole team works together. If we focus on discussing problems rather than on finding a solution, we risk losing our team spirit and forgetting our goals.

Lesson #7: Leaders Are Teachers

Leadership is about inspiring others to step into action. Therefore, the goal of a speech or a seminar is to teach and motivate, not to prove how smart you are – your actions already speak for yourself, use those opportunities to contribute to your team's productivity.

Global InterGold, Kiyosaki, education, entrepreneur, leadership

Lesson #8: Leadership Is One Big Sales Job

Leaders have followers, and to have followers you have to “sell yourself” apart from the product or business opportunity you have to offer.

To do a good sale, words count 7%; our tone, pitch, speed, and emotion management count 38%; and our image, smile and self-confidence make 55%.

Bonus Tip: Nothing beats experience

"It’s not what you know that makes you rich, but what you don’t know that makes you poor. Experience is priceless."

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