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What percentage do we learn of everything we read, hear and see? Since our business is based in learning and teaching others... wouldn't it be great to learn and teach with a higher percentage of efficiency?

We tell you how.

The expert in psychiatry William Glasser developed a theory which shows the percentage of what we learn depending on the stimulus.

According to the expert, the best technique is a combination of everything together with a good mentor who knows that “the teacher is a guide for the student, and not a boss.”

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We learn 10% of what we read

And even so, reading what we want to learn is obligatory. From presentations to know more details about the business, to informative articles. Without reading, there is no content.

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20% of what we hear

Words lose strength unless accompanied by emotions. Then, they have more power and the message can reach everyone. That is why listening to the speeches of experienced leaders and practicing public speaking skills is so important.

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30% of what we see

Images are easily retained, but basing our learning on them is not enough. They have to be accompanied by other stimulus such as texts to reinforce the information. For example: official presentations.

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50% of what we see and hear

Videos mix both stimuli perfectly. For extra training, you have educative videos that many clients recorded to share their expertise and knowledge.

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70% of what we discuss

Your team doesn't organize seminars or meetings? Do it yourself! Whether they are online or on-site, they are useful to exchange ideas and learn different points of views. You can also attend international events to widen your horizons with people from all over the world.

Global InterGold, learn, teach, business

80% of what we experience

Mostly, what we do on a daily basis. Repeating actions helps us remember and improve them. Not only that: they also become a part of our personality. An example? Contacting the cold market.

And 95% of what we teach others

There is nothing like sharing to consolidate knowledge! It is a perfect way to clarify and put in order our ideas. And that is what we achieve when making a business presentation, helping a new client take the first steps, preparing seminars for our team, etc.

Global InterGold, learn, teach, business

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