100% effective: Forget about excuses & Reach your goals TODAY

Do you want to fulfill your goals but have no motivation whatsoever? At this stage in 2017, 90% of people who wrote New Year's Resolutions have already given up.

Easy come, easy go.

But YOU can mark the difference and learn how to give your best.

Why do we lose motivation to fulfill a goal?

Out of many reasons, the main one is to realize that achieving a goal is a lot harder than you thought.

It's then when the problem par excellence comes into play: excuses.

For example, if you want to train to run a marathon, you have to go running every day to have more physical resistance, right? But maybe one day it will be cold outside, another day you will want to watch your favorite TV show... if on Friday you haven't done anything, you won't feel bad because after all “I will start next Monday.” Does that ring a bell?

With this mindset, next week will be exactly the same as the previous one, and so on. When the marathon day arrives, you will be lucky if you run 2 metres away from the starting line.

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How to remove the word “EXCUSE” from our vocabulary?

  • Forget about the calendar

“Next year I will study harder”, “I will eat healthy from Monday”... But, why? Can't you learn anything this year? Can't you eat healthy if it's Thursday?

The only day you have to fulfill your goals is TODAY!

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  • Create a personal action plan

It is key to have an action plan in your business from the very first day and to keep on updating it as you move forward. Example: Make a business presentation to 10 people every day.

But when it comes to personal goals, you have to combine them with your job, giving the right priority to each. Example: After making business presentations every day, I will run half an hour.

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  • Divide and rule

There is a difference between reading a whole book and reading it chapter by chapter. Likewise, it will be much easier to fulfill a big long-term goal, if you divide it into smaller short-term ones.

It will be much easier this way and you will forget about excuses!

Global InterGold, motivation, business, goals

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