How to share the business opportunity? 13 Tips with Real Examples

Sharing the right information will lead you to working with the right people”

Janice Khanlou, Australia

Do you sometimes wonder how to answer your potential clients? Do you want them to understand you better?

Read these 13 Tips based on Real Examples and don't stop expanding your structure!

Firstly, we would like to thank our dear client Janice Khanlou for sharing her experience with us.

Let's learn from these examples!

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1) Set up a business presentation with your Sponsor, Leader, or any other experienced person who can back you up, and your potential client(s)

You: Hello! This is (sponsor's name)
Potential client: Hello, nice to meet you
Sponsor: Nice to meet you too

2) Make a proper introduction

You: This is a client/leader with X years of experience. He/she will help you develop the business too.

After the presentation

3) Answer all the questions

Potential client: And how to become a leader?

You: You need to make at least 2 direct clients under your sponsorship, and these 2 direct clients have to make at least 2 direct clients each under their sponsorship.

share business, social networks

4) Provide the correct information

If you are making a presentation with your sponsor, he or she will answer.
If you are making a presentation all by yourself, you have to know all the information about the business. But if you don't know the answer to a tricky question, you can always address it to our Customer Service.


Potential client: Can I transfer my funds to my NetTeller account?
You: I'm not sure what that is so I don't know if you can do it. But yes, why not.


You: Unfortunately, it is not possible. But you can withdraw your funds to your OkPay account.

5) Clarify terms 

Potential client: What are reward units?
You: Those are the points you get after completing each order and with which you offset the payment.

6) Make your messages reader-friendly

You: To start a business with Global InterGold, you just need to:

1) Register in the Online Gold Shop
2) Place an order
3) Invite people to start the business 

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7) Feel free to correct your prospect

Potential client: So, will I get my reward in euros?
You: No. You get your reward in units, which are automatically spent on the purchase of the order you made. Later, you can sell these gold bars back to the shop and get money.

8) Keep clarifying until the person understands

Potential client: So, I will get money
You: Only if you sell the gold bars you purchase back to the shop. 

9) Remind them that registering is for free

You: I strongly suggest you to register now, because I can help you and it is for free. Once you register, you can see more sections in the website.

10) Clarify the rules

Potential client: Can anybody control other people's funds?
You: No. Only the account's owner is allowed to access it and withdraw his/her own funds. 

11) Use materials

You: This is a table of orders, here is my order and my sponsor's. When somebody places a new order on the table, they move down to the next level, etc.

share business, social networks

12) Be professional and finish the presentation properly

Potential client: Thank you. Have a nice day!
You: Thank you very much, I will call you soon. Have a nice day you too!

13) Thank your new team member and give him/her further information

Potential client (already registered): What are the first steps to take?
You: Welcome to our team! You can join the webinar at 17:00 to get to know more people of our team. We will arrange an appointment and I will show you the first steps to take.

These examples will help you to make a great presentation of the business!

Share this article and teach other people too!

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