How to engage MEN in network marketing

According to statistics, only 10% of network business people are men. In Global InterGold, 43% out of more than 2 million clients are male! Can you feel the significance of this figure? The chance to encourage a gentleman to start a business with GIG is much higher than in other companies.

Global InterGold, MLM, network marketing (networking), men

Why are men rarely involved in network marketing? 

1) They think that there is no income or career prospects. However, if a man starts in this business, he is more likely to become a leader. 

2) They suffer misfortunes. Men are usually physically stronger than women, but emotionally it is the other way around. Failures lower men's self-esteem. 

3) They don’t believe in the prestige of MLM or they think that network marketing is only for the sale of cosmetics and household cleaning goods. 

4) They don’t believe that it is legal. Breadwinners can’t afford to be left with nothing: they must be sure that the company will be operating reliably and stably for many years. 

Global InterGold, MLM, network marketing (networking), men

How to arouse interest?

1) Possible income – 7,000 per month. Clients can earn dozens of thousands of euros in six months only! Passive income is also an option with GIG.

2) The business is prestigious. Global InterGold’s product is gold: an expensive and luxurious metal. 

Global InterGold, MLM, network marketing (networking), men

3) It is legal. GIG meets the international standards and has been successfully operating for 6 years. The company has representative offices and partners in different countries. 

How to convince? 

1) Most men like technology. Show them how convenient the back-office is and how easy it is to keep an eye on the profit.

2) Network marketing often engages entire families. Ask a person if this business could be interesting to his/her partner. One can see many married couples in GIG.

I was looking for a new business opportunity not in terms of money but in terms of free time. With Global InterGold, I can spend as much time with my family as I want”

Paolo Secci, a GIG's client from Italy

Global InterGold, MLM, network marketing (networking), men

3) Do not forget about the appearance. A serious business requires a professional and serious dress-code.

4) With GIG, even a beginner can get expensive gifts. For example, anyone can go on a luxury cruise and win gold bars worth up to 3,800 euros.

5) Show the clients’ testimonials and reviews on the Online Gold Shop! Let potential customers see the variety of positive comments about the company. °

6) Making use of promotional materials. Conduct business presentations so that the information you provide is clear to everyone. Use the instructions on how to become a client.

Use these tips to develop your structure and increase your income!

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