Clients from Malta, the Philippines, and Mexico speak about gold business

Each of these three stories is unique, but all of them have a common message: success is possible.

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The gold business as a side job

I am conducting GIG's gold business as a side job as I have a fixed schedule for another business of mine. However, I think I have managed to achieve a lot. How? I focus on sharing GIG’s opportunities; especially with people to whom, in my opinion, extra income would do well.

I am working on expanding my structure by sharing real experiences, for example, those from the Grand Summer Voyage 2016. I enjoy helping others to develop their line, it’s all about teamwork.

The recent changes in the marketing program are also of great help. The GoldSet Global Smart and GoldSet Global Pro orders are very rewarding as you can obtain rewards per section. And thank you for the amazing events!

Barbara Farrugia, Malta

Global InterGold, reviews, success

The power of leaders

We are constantly supported by Vitaly Borovyk and Janice Gonzales. Without their guidance, we would have never achieved what we have now.

Learning and talking to clients and leaders also help us a lot. Potential customers react differently when they hear about the opportunities of the gold business, but our leaders help them see all the advantages.

We will continue sharing and promoting the business, getting to know the marketing program better, and learning from those who have already reached success.

Aleja Bermundez Macapas, the Philippines

Global InterGold, reviews, success

Success from the very first steps

I am convinced that I am working with the right company. I have already closed my first table.

My experience to date has been amazing, and my story has just begun! Other people running their business with GIG are also closing their tables, getting rewards, and closer to success.

I have quite many people in my structure, and I want to become a leader because I know that that will also motivate the people that follow me. I think I can achieve it very soon!

Rosa Lilia Jara Quezada, Mexico

Global InterGold, reviews, success

The positive attitude and the strength of clients build stories like these. Optimism is essential to achieve success!

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  1. with this global intergold, where is the branch office here in the Philippines. if there's any. and whose the person in-charge in the office here?

  2. I only know that theres a new grand opening office in Malaysia After the opening office in Mexico city.


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