True facts! The success of a Global InterGold's client in just 40 days!

The editorial office of Global InterGold's blog has received a letter from a client willing to share his success story and business experience with everybody! He received his first reward in just 40 days!

Read the client's own words and find inspiration for earning high income yourself!

Global InterGold client, true story

Chapter 1. A Christmas present from Thailand: 20 new clients

To get the first reward, I had to work hard. And I got it 40 days after I became a GIG's client!

It all started when I got acquainted with a woman from Thailand thanks to a friend of mine. I gave her and her son generous gifts, and later went to Thailand for Christmas. There, 20 people became my clients in just a month!

Global InterGold client, true story

However, when I came back home, I realized that the structure wouldn't work independently – I needed to be around. Back in Norway, I had to work almost single-handedly. I am very grateful to my sponsor though, who always supported and helped me solve every issue I had.

Chapter 2. The power of the Internet

After that, I went to Thailand a few times, but I was not very lucky. I was always telling people who I was, and what I was doing, apart from contacting those who liked my posts on Facebook. Additionally, I signed up in every social network so that people could contact me easily. I always inserted the link to my Global InterGold profile in those other profiles of mine. But interestingly enough, I was mostly contacted through Skype.

A few months passed since I had become a GIG's client when I was contacted by one of my friends from Thailand. I immediately wanted to make him my direct referral but then, I came up with a better idea. I gave his contact details to another client of mine in Thailand, and both of them decided to place a GoldSet Standard order and began to promote the business together. I also offered them other orders, but the GoldSet Standard one seemed more appealing to them.

Soon after that, they started to earn 3,500 EUR each, and that is an average annual salary in Thailand!

They invited me to visit them and asked me how long would I be their sponsor. And I assured them that I would never abandon them and that they could contact me any time.

Global InterGold client, true story

Chapter 3. Evening conversations and business negotiations

I would have never expected what happened to me in July. Just before taking my plane from Norway to Thailand, I received a message saying: "As soon as you arrive in Bangkok, buy a ticket for the first flight available to Udon Thani." And that's exactly what I did. When I arrived there, one of my direct referrals was waiting for me, and another client drove me to my hotel. I received there a second message: "Hurry up, go to your room, change your clothes, and go down to the lobby." And when I went there, my whole team was waiting for me. That evening, we had a very nice conversation.

After that, the 20 of us went to have dinner together. I decided to pay for everything since 3,000 Thai Baht (which is only 80 EUR) was not a big deal for me as opposed to Thais, which is quite an amount. The next morning, I attended a scheduled meeting. Three customers from my team accompanied me, and I decided to pay for their hotel rooms too. I knew that, given the Thai culture, it would work for my benefit. And I was not wrong

Global InterGold client, true story

Chapter 4. A difficult choice: GoldSet Global Smart, GoldSet Standard, GoldSet Goldline or any other order?

This is my advice. If you think you can control people, you’d rather think twice. My experience says that you can only give them advice, and that’s it. My clients from Thailand took their own decisions.

I have been recently asked about the GoldSet Global Smart order. I always answer honestly and give my opinion about the prepayment and the amount of reward. After considering my thoughts, my clients decided to place a GoldSet Standard order.

They are determined to become leaders, it is their main goal. So far, it is just a goal, but I am completely sure that they will accomplish it. I just have to give them my advice, and they realize by themselves how to work effectively. They created their own group in the app “line”, and day after day, they are promoting the business by means of PowerPoint presentations and sharing pictures.

I start every day by saying: «I am always willing to support you”. 

Global InterGold client, true story

Chapter 5. A strong team can aim at earning any amount of income

Overall, my experience is very positive. We even have a web designer in charge of creating fantastic things for us. We also share the articles from Global InterGold's website. The main thing is to build a strong team and support it so that it can be able to work on its own.

Tonight, one of my client is placing a GoldSet Goldline order. Many other clients have already made profit from it. We have to expand our business horizons.

This is my story of success with Global InterGold. As you might have noticed, there is nothing disappointing; it is just a matter of acting wisely and not being afraid of stepping into action, because, in the end, everything is worthwhile. Good luck to you all!

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