5 Can't-Miss Tips: How to make an effective business presentation?

Follow these handy tips and make an effective business presentation to grow your structure!

  1. Context matters

    One single presentation cannot be suitable for every situation. Remember that making a business presentation in front of 50 people differs from, for example, a face-to-face meeting in a café. Take into account the needs of your audience and adjust your presentations accordingly. 

Tip: Whether you are in a face-to-face meeting, or a presentation in front of a wider audience, remember to be both formal and close to the people.

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  1. Keep it simple

    People are mistaken when thinking that a good presentation has to have a lot of statistical data, tables and diagrams. Indeed, graphics are useful, but overusing them does not make the presentation more professional.
Tip: When planning a presentation, ask yourself these questions on every slide: “What do I want to inform about on this slide? Is the information relevant? Is the message clear?”

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  1. Less but straightforward words

    A 15-min-long but straight-to-the-point presentation is better than an hour-long repetitive one.
Tip: Check the slides out from the listeners’ perspective. Would you be interested in listening to that information? If in doubt, cut it out!

  1. Pictures help

    We tend to perceive and memorize visual information better. Use pictures with a similar style and include a couple of sentences or a few words. 

Tip: Talk about an idea before showing the slide about that idea. This way, you will avoid reading from the slides and they will listen and understand you easier.

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  1. Break the ice

    Some part of your audience could think your presentation is boring. That is why you will have to break the ice. Create a friendly atmosphere by, for example, starting your speech with a joke. This will make your audience feel more relaxed.

Tip: If you engage people and make them smile, you will gain their confidence.

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