A billionaire's ideas: 5 Tips to learn from John Rockefeller

John Davison Rockefeller is a unique figure in the history. He was a talented entrepreneur that became the world's richest person and the first billionaire in the history of mankind.

What can we learn from him?

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I do not think that there is any other quality so essential to success of any kind as the quality of perseverance. It overcomes almost everything, even nature”

Any business requires persistence to be successful. If you have enough determination and dedication, you will eventually achieve all your goals, even if they seem unreachable at first sight. Going forward in spite of obstacles is what matters.

Global InterGold, Rockefeller, quote

If your only goal is to become rich, you will never achieve it”

Money is very appealing, but it does not work as a goal. Financial freedom is easily achieved by means of other goals, such as providing for your family or realizing your potential. By pursuing these goals, you will prove your worth and that you deserve the wealth you have earned.

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He who works all day, has no time to make money”

This is a sad but true fact. Time-consuming hard work does not always bring good income. Successful people, in turn, are distinguished by their ability to go beyond, try new things, and explore new horizons. In fact, Steve Jobs shared this same idea: "We have to work not 12 hours and head!"

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The most important thing for a man is to establish a credit, a reputation”

Respect is an important part of success. A leader can't be a leader if he or she is not respected by others. By showing that you are a man of action and someone that can be trusted, you will earn the respect of your colleagues. In the end, it is character what gives us respect.

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A friendship founded on business is better than a business founded on friendship”

Keeping warm and friendly relationships with colleagues is a good idea. However, many initiatives and projects have crumbled because two co-founders and good friends couldn't agree on sharing profits or on some critical decision. Remember that in this case, professionalism should prevail regarding personal relationships.

Global InterGold, Rockefeller, quote

These ideas apply to the gold business. Our clients seek their own well-being but constantly help other people to achieve the same financial freedom. And together, they form a family.

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