What is duplication and how can it help you to boost your business growth?

Working hard always results in high income? Since when? Working wisely is what really matters, and when it comes to doing business with Global InterGold, the key is duplication.

What is duplication and how to use it to achieve good results?

You have a new client. You contacted him, made a presentation, and he registered and placed an order in the online shop. Does your job finish at this point? Quite the opposite, in fact.

The time has come to put duplication into practice; that is to say, to futher pass on the knowledge that you once acquired from your own sponsor. The sooner you learn this, the earlier you will notice the growth of your business!

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A business of people for people

It is first necessary to establish a close relationship with your client, to show him that you are willing to help him at any time so that he does not feel he is alone.

People don't do what you tell them to, but rather what they see you doing. And it has always been like this. Consequently, if they feel that you are always supportive and caring, they will be so with their respective potential clients; and you will have created the perfect team-working environment to achieve greater results.

Professional training

You have to be in charge of their professional training, and not only for teaching them how to properly work, but also for them to be capable of doing the same with their clients.
The company has developed certain materials that are especially meant for explaining this basic information and that you can make use of, such as PDF presentations and videos. Take your time with your client and go through all the points to make sure that everything is clearly understood.

Global InterGold, duplication, business

Drawing up an action plan

You need the client to focus on the business as soon as he becomes a client. To that end, the client needs to write down his goals and draw up an immediate action plan to get started. And this includes creating a contact list and arranging meetings with your assistance.

The moment of truth

Your client is meeting his first potential client. You will also have to be present at least in the first 4 or 5 meetings. Why? Because, just like you and you client, that person would like to know if any results can be achieved at all; results that your client does not have yet.

You will be in charge of making the presentation and your client will learn from you little by little. You will be training your client and making the potential one feel more confident at the same time. Your client will be soon ready to do everything on his own.

Global InterGold, duplication, business

And what about the 5th step?

As simple as watching your structure and your income grow! If all of you follow a working plan and focus on the same vision, you will accomplish all of your goals and reach success!

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