Say no to burnout!

The pace of life is rapid, and we are always running somewhere and feeling that time is almost up, but there is still so much left to do. Does this sound familiar? Perhaps you are a person known as “that guy who is constantly burning out”.

Good news! It's time to change something in your life!

Often, our main problem is poor time management. But sadly enough, the universal rules for daily routine do not exist: we all are different, and our needs vary. Although a couple of tips can help you streamline your schedule and avoid burnout.

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Mark the boundary between work and personal life

You have to know exactly where one begins and the other ends, otherwise how do you know where to draw the line? Rituals will help: for example, change into home clothes as soon as you come home, and if working from home, separate the areas "for business" and "for rest" clearly.

Set your priorities

There are matters of extreme importance and minor objectives. Try to build your schedule taking into account the relevance and urgency of your tasks. Prioritizing also helps to separate work from personal life.

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Keep in touch, but don’t be on a leash

Having your finger on the pulse is important, but you can’t be involved in business and work 24/7. And it’s unhealthy too. You need time to rest, so try to isolate your private space from the constant checking of messengers and emails.

It's not quantity, but quality that matters

The hours spent on one’s job do not always reflect the result of the work. Try to arrange time frames for each task in advance, and strive to follow them. Do not waste your time on trifles, being distracted by any nonsense: while the task hasn't been completed yet, it is your priority

Do not press yourself

Perfectionism is good in moderation: a drop is good, but a spoonful is deadly. Stop reproaching yourself if something is not perfectly smooth. Let go of the situation, and treat yourself.

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