[Businessmen’s opinion] How to attract a customer? Logic vs emotions

Recommending something to other people seems easy, but in fact a successful recommendation requires effort, talent, and communicative skills.

Two antagonists are under our microscope: logic and emotions.

We do not divide the way we communicate into logical and emotional in our everyday life because up to 90% of the information we receive and pass every day is a mixture of both.

What are emotional and logical communication?

Emotional interaction is the foundation of social communication. We often talk to each other without large informational traffic: "How are you?” “Good morning!” “Bless you!"
So, even though communication takes place in these cases, an actual exchange of data does not. Logical communication, on the other hand, is associated with professional activities and is not very common in real life as such.

What is more important for a potential customer?

Many businessmen believe that potential customers are guided by emotions and use logic to support their decisions. Others say that a business presentation should be based on facts only, because truth and credibility is their basis and numbers can't lie.

However, maintaining a balance is more important. No one actually appreciates a presentation overloaded with facts and figures while the benefits of the business are left untold. Similarly, no one is interested in a presentation only based on emotional statements without including informative and factual data whatsoever.

How to set priorities?

People like listening to success stories involving the benefits of the product being promoted, like your personal story, so that you can set a good example by your words. Tell how the product of the company has enabled you to achieve good results, and give some facts to support your words: how many customers around the world are already benefiting from the company's services, how many countries the business is expanding into, or some figures concerning the sales of the product.

What to start with and where to lead a potential customer?

Note that at the beginning of the conversation, customers are usually very logical and repress emotions, but in the course of the conversation, the emotional part comes to the fore. That is why the following points are worth considering:

- The emotional impact on the audience has to be gradual
- Show interest to your customers' concerns and discuss solutions to solve them
- Don’t overwhelm a potential customer with too many logical arguments
- Lead a customer from the factual information you display to a personal story gradually in order to encourage emotional connections.

Be harmonious, be financially independent, be happy!

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