How to break the ice with a client at the first meeting?

Affinity is a key to successful collaboration with a client. We are all happy to communicate with people whom we like, and only those are suitable for doing business with. 

We will disclose the secrets that will help you make a good impression on your potential customers. 

Establishing contacts is not always easy. But don’t get upset. Even if you are an introvert or just a reserved person, a couple of secrets will help you to open up and show yourself in the best light at the first personal meeting with a potential client. How to create the best first impression of yourself? 

1) Smile!

Smile is a symbol of openness, friendliness, and lack of evil intent; moreover, it’s the most important step in establishing contacts. A gloomy and unsociable man who is afraid to look others in the eye is hardly able to impress you at first glance. Smile binds two people and helps them to relax. Scientists have shown that the more relaxed a person is, the more he is eager to take positive decisions and accept new ideas. So smile, dear ladies and gentlemen!  

2) Call a potential client by name 

Another scientific fact: people like it when they are addressed by name. Our name is the sweetest music to our ears and the confirmation of the fact that another person respects you and perceives you individually. You stand out of the crowd for him! All that creates a sense of caring and trust. Of course, you should not overuse this trick, because every sentence started with an address is slightly too much.

3) Determine the tempo of a client’s speech and adjust to it

Do not underestimate such a seemingly small thing as a rate of speech in a conversation. A potential client must be able keep pace of your thoughts without getting bored, so you need to build a speech depending on the language features of a person you talk to. Especially when the dialogue takes place in a foreign language. You can practice this skill anywhere: talk to a stranger and try to "tune in". You will immediately notice the change in this person’s mood and attitude towards you for the better.
Tip: Do not be afraid to change the tempo and tone following your client’s reactions, especially in the key moments of the conversation to "stir up" the dialogue. 

4) Admire your client

This advice should be used wisely: there is a fine line between a compliment and flattery. You should not make an impression of a toady. Try to find the real advantages and strengths of a potential client and gently weave your delight into the conversation. You do not need to pause and "shoot" a single thought of praise otherwise you can confuse a person and create awkwardness. So one or two sincere and accurate compliments, and you are on a roll. 

5) Stay positive

Hyperactivity and unnatural excitement are not what you need. Cheerfulness and optimism, that’s what we are looking for. Combined with sincerity and openness, they will help you show yourself as an easy-to-deal-with person one can trust. Especially when it comes to business and real money.  

We hope that these tips will help you feel more confident at the earliest and the most important business meetings.

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