Are you going to make a speech? 8 tips to improve your public speaking skills!

Public speaking is never easy even for those who seem to be born to be masters of eloquence. But the good news is that you can learn how to become a successful speaker.

The following hints will help you become confident and be a star of public speaking.

People talk to each other every day. Thousands of words help us discuss work and personal issues, find solutions and get over misunderstanding.

Though talking to people in person is obviously different from public speaking when you have to stand in front of the audience all alone. And not only stand, but also talk and interact with a certain amount of people. Aren't you shaking with panic when you think about it?

It's totally fine if you do. It's a rather common phobia, and you can combat it. Even if it's the first time you go on stage and you have no experience whatsoever speaking in public, you can do well. Just keep the following points in your mind.

  • Know your audience
    First of all, make a brief analysis of your audience. How many people will be in front of you? What's their average age? What about their background, experience, education? All these things matter if you want to reach their minds with your speech.

  • Prepare the room
    Checking the technical equipment is essential for a good speech. You have to be sure in advance that computers, microphones, screens and projectors work perfectly and won't fail you. Arrive earlier for a last-minute check! Tip: have your presentation slides on a USB drive and in digital form (Dropbox, email, etc) in case the software fails.

  • Have a plan or a good draft of speech
    This aspect is very personal: some people need to have a well-structured plan, others have to write down every word and have the full text in front of them. You might even not need any paper and remember everything by heart. Whatever suits you better, go for it. Improvisation is always welcome, but your speech is to be consistent and thought-out well. 

  • Warming up and breaking ice
    The first step is the hardest. And it's extremely important since you have to draw your audience's attention. A good joke or an interesting anecdote can entertain the public and warm people up. If people laugh and smile means they are following what you are saying.

  • Stay positive
    Leave doom-and-gloom for another occasion. People hear bad news every day, but you have to inspire people and make them feel better. If you talk about serious issues, find their bright side!

  • Be honest
    Don't try to fool your listeners with fake excitement and fake smiles. You should have a genuine positive attitude. People appreciate honesty, otherwise you could risk to damage the relationship between your audience and you.

  • Have a strong and clear message
    You should find the main point of your speech and pronounce it clear. Be coherent and don't overload your speech. Your goal is to make people remember your message.

  • Be open and smile
    It's nice to start your speech with a smile and keep it on your face during your presentation. It makes you look more confident and trustworthy. Welcome the audience to ask you questions, support interaction with people. If there are bored listeners, they can engage with your speech.

How to use your new skills?

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