How can you win in the Global 100 contest?

The Global 100 contest is already in its third round! The first award ceremony will take place at the Global Assembly 2016 in Rome, Italy. But the contest is not over!

You have the chance to win precious prizes! How can you do it?

How to measure success in the Global 100 contest?

Global 100 started on 1st February 2016, and every month 3 customers climb the winners' podium where 3 great prizes await them.

The third-place winner gets 1 ounce gold bar; the second-place winner receives a 50g gold bar; and the first-place winner takes home a 100 g gold bar and the honorary title of Global InterGold Gold Businessman.

But that's not all, the best customer of the year will receive a ticket to the Grand Winter Voyage!

In order to win you need to invite more customers. Please read the rules to increase your efficiency. We have prepared a series of tips to help you win the contest and conduct your gold business successfully.

Tips on how to win the Global 100 contest

  1. Every month the points are reset. Each new round starts on the first day and ends on the last day of the month. So, make every effort from day 1 and increase your chances of winning!
  2. The largest number of reward units equals to 4 and is given for a direct referral who places a GoldSet GoldLine order. Keep it in mind when inviting new customers and suggesting them orders.

  3. Direct referrals have to pass a verification process. Kindly remind your invitees that this procedure is obligatory and does not require any effort. 

  4. Be initiative! Remember that reward units are only given for personally invited customers.
  5. Keep in touch with your actual and potential customers: contact them in social networks, make phone calls, meet them in person, etc.
  1. Specify your objectives. For example “I will recommend business with Global InterGold to at least 5 people a day.” 

  2. Arrange more business presentations, invite your friends and encourage them to take acquaintances interested in business with them.

  3. Carry out educational seminars and trainings.

  4. Create Facebook events and invite your potential customers.
  5. Watch Global InterGold leaders' videos where they share tips, secrets of success and their business experience.

P.S: Do not forget that gathering reward units in the contest increases your income too. That is, you win anyway!

Propel your gold career with Global 100! Aim high and be successful!

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