The dream of gold lovers: the exhibition in Munich

Today is the second day of the annual precious metals show in Munich. How is the exhibition going on, and why do people from all around the world hurry to attend it?

Naturally, in today's world of economic instability people search for the ways to protect their finance. Therefore, the interest to International Precious Metals and Commodities Show from both gold experts and people in the street is high. People prefer to enrich their knowledge about gold and learn how it protects money from devaluation.

Among the exhibits, there is gold from Germany and other countries. One can observe gold bars, coins and items made of other precious metals, as well as hear lectures and take part in educative seminars.

The event attracted many attendants from different countries. The Global InterGold clients, who attended the event within the framework of the Global Convention 2015, were among them

Learn which exhibits inspired the Global InterGold clients during the first day of the event: The ocean of gold on the precious metals show in Munich

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  1. gold the real money.. be a client now


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