The ocean of gold on the precious metals show in Munich

Yesterday an annual event, devoted to precious metals and usually gathering thousands of visitors, started in Munich. What were the most striking exhibits?

International Precious Metals and Commodities Show can be rightly called the Germany's gold treasure, due to the diversity of gold bars and coins presented there.

This year, the exhibition is held in MVG Museum, with many stands with exhibits inside. The visitors are specially attracted by the giant gold bar maquette. The engraving of the bar states that it has a weight of 1000 grams and the highest 999 fineness. On the exhibition people can see with their own eyes many smaller real gold bars of the same purity.

Also, the event presents a variety of coins. One of the exhibits reminds a chest of gold, where different coins made of this precious metal are collected.

Within the framework of the Global Convention 2015 the Online Gold Shop's clients marked their presence and observed the presented items.

Find out more detailed information about the exhibition and the Global Convention 2015 conference by following the link: International Precious Metals and Commodities Show within the framework of Global InterGold Global Convention in Munich!

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