Global InterGold clients lift the curtain for the Global Convention 2015!

One by one, group by group, country by country... and so around 100 clients arrived on the first day of registration for the event which will boost all these guests' businesses: the Global Convention 2015 in Munich Germany.

How were the registration days for the Global Convention?

Upon their arrival, Global InterGold clients greeted each other, shook hands and received with open arms clients they met on that day and hugged old friends from different countries.

Italy, Mexico, Spain, France, Israel, Russia, The Philippines and Latvia were some of the first countries to arrive to the registration desk at the Ramada hotel to get their materials with special importance given to the golden bracelet that would open them the doors on Saturday 7 to the Global Convention 2015.

As it is already a tradition, clients didn't let pass the opportunity to share their advice, ideas and emotions with the camera so that their teams, who could not attend the event, felt the friendly atmosphere from their home.

What moved so many people from so far away countries to gather this week in Germany?

  1. A yearning to receive the latest news on the company development worldwide first hand by the company management. Figures, data and future goals!
  2. A wish to receive their well-deserved awards directly form the company management, shake hands with them and have this moment recorded by the cameras for posterity!
  3. A thirst of knowledge about business from the best possible source: the addresses of top leaders about Global InterGold main components of success and their success stories.

In addition, prior to the Global Convention, everyone had the opportunity to visit the International Precious Metals and Commodities Show 2015, the largest and most important one in Europe, where they rubbed shoulders with representatives from internationally recognized precious metals companies, exchange business experiences and tips.

Global InterGold events are known to increase clients' motivation moving their businesses to higher levels, either because they can be personally acknowledged for their work by the management, or because they are charged by the energy of other great leaders.

This GLOBAL event was no exception. 400 people knew it and they prepared their luggage and headed right to Ramada hotel in Munich, Germany fully prepared for this historical event!

Every Global InterGold social network is already full of wonderful photos and videos about this golden convention! Do not miss them!


Keep abreast of the news posted on the blog and the official Global InterGold website about the Global Convention:

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