Global InterGold clients interviewed among hundreds of gold bars!

400 Global InterGold clients arrived to Munich, Germany to two key events happening on the same week: Global Convention 2015 and the International Precious Metals & Commodities Show!

These events have brought together people from different countries whose main interests are gold and business and wish to learn more about the best opportunities to save and increase their capital with gold.

Learn how clients felt among gold bars!

At the beginning of November, people interested in precious metals and developing their own business flock to Munich, Germany for the International Precious Metals & Commodities Show. This year, another key event was the Global InterGold Convention for those who represent the gold culture worldwide and wish to know more information on how to earn with gold and develop their business internationally.

Clients visited the Show on its 10th Anniversary in the MVG Museum

The traditional International Precious Metals and Commodities Show celebrates its 10th Anniversary in a different venue and high representation by German precious metals companies leaders in the market. This year the hosts was the MGV Museum!

On November 5 and 6 early in the morning, Global InterGold clients arrived to the International Show to learn useful information about this precious metal and share their opinions on economy and impressions on the Show.

The future attendants of the Global Convention had the chance to communicate with representatives of large gold producers, share ideas, learn more about gold prices performance, the stability and reliability of this yellow mineral, etc.

Interviews and reviews about Global InterGold were recorded among gold bars

Inspired by gloss and beauty of gold, clients shared their opinions about Global InterGold and its product with the camera.

Right after visiting the International Show, the clients headed to Ramada hotel to prerregister for the foremost event of the year: Global Convention 2015!

Watch updatings and be the first to know the main details of this great event

The more gold in your hands, the more reliably safe your capital is and the more opportunities for growth of your welfare there will be!

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