Grand Presentation's Ceremonial Part: Extraordinary golden awards!

Switzerland's most important financial center; the luxurious The Dolder Grand hotel; Global InterGold Grand Presentation 2015 – quality ingredients for a high quality event.

The unofficial part of the Grand Presentation took place in the celebration hall where the guests found many surprises. Learn the details!

Clients from every corner of the world arrived to one of the world's major financial centers to attend the inauguration of the Global InterGold representative office and the Grand Presentation.

For the enjoyment of the guests and given the extremely importance of the event, the choice of organizers was the pride of Switzerland, the emblematic castle and hotel The Dolder Grand.

The Grand Presentation 2015 began in the high class conference hall where the management made highly anticipated speeches about novelties and information of the Online Gold Shop, and discussed subjects at the forefront of gold business with the audience. After the official part of the Grand Presentation, the attendees were invited to the celebration hall.

The ballroom welcomed the guests with a vibrant and exhilarating atmosphere of luxury. The musical notes of a cello during the Apéro Riche was the icing on the cake to enjoy lively conversations with colleagues from diverse points of the globe.

The guests had also the unique occasion to enjoy the Gold Show on a beautiful catwalk, where later on they were invited by the President and the Development Director in person to be granted exclusive Global InterGold branded physical gold bars!

To learn more about the ceremonial part of the Grand Presentation 2015 in Zurich, read the full article on the official Global InterGold website.

Gold, the real money!

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