What to say to people who argue gold isn’t to make money anymore?

Gold prices' plunge on August 5th cranked up a wide - and still ongoing – debate on the precious metal's potential on the market.

Has gold really become a so-so way to protect, invest and multiply your capital? Or is it still the safe-haven asset to rely on? Find the answer!

The dip in gold prices defined three different positions: 'gold is sentenced', 'gold remains reliable' and those who do not favor any particular theory and confine themselves to saying 'only time will tell'.

What to say to people who do not choose sides?

Time has already told. On the very next morning after this plunge, gold was already inching up steadily – and reaching records in weeks - proving that a consecutive increase is always the next step on gold performance's choreography.

To corroborate this view, experts remind April, 2001 when some media was full of headlines about calamity since gold prices fell to $255.3 per ounce. Right after, gold prices would start increasing and they would not stop for 12 years. Neither assets nor any other precious metal have ever shown such potential.

Thereafter the price of gold has shown good dynamics, even after the price correction in 2013 which lowered the price of gold to some extent. Corrections aren't everlasting, and many financial experts already anticipate a remarkable growth.

What to say to 'gold is sentenced' supporters?

They have a further more subtle point to consider. Paper gold might not be the most reliable investment, same as paper currencies. The advantage of gold lies on the fact that it can be purchased and stored in physical form. Then no matter if the price of gold enters risky territory – it will always be serving your capital as a shield against any economic and political upheavals. A real insurance contract.

Don't be fooled by the fatalistic approach of some media – gold does not corrode in any sense of the word. It has been shining for more than 5,000 years and it won't stop now.

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