Gold refining: what is it and why is it important

Gold does not enter the market directly from the mine. Before becoming a product ready for selling, gold undergoes a complicated refining process.

Read about gold refining types and why this process is essential for every golden product!

Refining is a combination of technical processes aimed at removing impurities from gold containing material, whether gold ore extracted in deposits, or scrap metal and industrial by-products. The aim of refining this precious metal is simply to obtain pure gold.

Chemical refining

This type of refining is used for both refining gold ore and any gold containing waste. The first stage of chemical refining is separating iron from gold with a magnet. If it is impossible to remove iron with a magnet, it is more appropriate to use hydrochloric or sulfuric acid.

After removing iron, the alloy can still contain copper, zinc, silver or other metals. Nitric or hydrochloric acid is used to remove them. After several series of acid treatment, evaporation and alloying with chemicals, pure gold of 999, 95 fineness is ready.

Electrochemical refining

Electrochemical refining is another way of refining gold from impurities. It is used mainly for refining gold of 900% fineness and higher. This method includes the use of a hydrochloric acid solution, gold chloride and electricity to purify gold.

The Miller process

This method involves blowing chlorine gas through gold containing material. After this, all metals quickly turn into salts which can be easily removed from gold. This method requires special conditions of working as chlorine is highly toxic.

Impact of refining on the product

Refined gold has better quality than non-refined one.Without refining process, it is impossible to imagine qualitative gold bars, which are bought worldwide by people who care about their financial welfare.

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