The story of Feliciano Gispe, or how to acquire gold

Gold mining is a huge industry where a huge amount of people work. But apart from large-scale gold mining companies, there is a place for small and artisan companies.

Feliciano Quispe is a man who built a company from the ground up. How is it possible to achieve great results in gold business working hard? Learn it from the article!

Gold mining is mostly a large-scale industry; however, there are also artisan companies and amateur gold miners. The story of Feliciano Quispe tells about how he built a successful gold business.

In 1988, Quispe, driven by the desire to find gold, arrived in Peru having only living essentials, as he was in need of money. Days were hard without many supplies and spending nights in deserts.

Feliciano Quispe was lucky to find the yellow metal, and he decided to sell it through intermediaries. However, soon he found out he was deceived. This news motivated him to establish ‘the Espaňolita’ cooperative nearby Lima in order to refine gold without the help of intermediaries. Today, ‘the Españolita’ produces around 14 kilos of gold per month.

This is how Feliciano improved his standard of living and found a source of income on this timeless product. That’s how he found out that the gold business is available to everyone

However, not every gold business requires that much physical effort.

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