Is the Yamashita's gold treasure hidden in the Philippines?

Do you know the story of Yamashita's gold? Some believe this treasure of the WWII times is buried in the Philippines. Is this true?

What do we know about this famous story? Learn the details of the story from this article!

The Yamashita's gold is a treasure which is believed to be underground in the Philippines since WWII. The booty was named after the Japanese General Tomoyuki Yamashita, who commanded troops in those times.

For more than half a century, adventure-seekers have been trying to find it. There is a book written by Sterling and Peggy Seagraves which covers this subject. In this book, the authors claim that the riches were looted in Southeastern Asia to finance military campaigns.

Who knew about the location of the Yamashita's gold?

The majority of the people who knew about the hiding place are assumed to have been either killed or imprisoned. Yamashita was executed in 1946 and took the secret to the tomb.

The treasure is thought to include a huge amount of valuable items from banks, museums, and private collections. It was reported that they were collected in Singapore and ordered to be taken to Japan. Coming back to Japan, the general encountered dangers in their sea journey and was forced to stop in the Philippines. The treasure was supposed to be buried there until the end of the war. Still, the treasure is assumed not to have been taken to the Land of the Rising Sun.

Some consider Edward Lansdale, a US military intelligence operative, to know about the location of the treasure and to have used it to finance US intelligence operations. Of course, there are also skeptics as Ambeth Ocampo, a Filipino historian.

Gold was found, but which gold was it?

In 1988 there was a formal trial about the treasure after which the treasure hunter, Rogelio Roxas, was accused of finding gold. Ferdinand Marcos, former Presidente of the Philippines was also incriminated to have stolen it from Roxas. Yet, it remains unclear whether it was Yamashita's gold or not.

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