Gold's Good Ol' Days & Today

Gold has witnessed history from a privileged position. Every new age gold has played a different and indispensable role and has come to this day as the most reliable business tool.

What historical roles allow gold to save and multiply your income? Follow us!

From ancient civilizations onward. From Africa to Asia, crossing Europe, from Australia to America. In pirates' booties, in the pot at the end of the rainbow, the jewel of the crown - gold has been eternal cynosure of all eyes, and all businesspeople with a view to succeed!

Let's make a journey through gold history!

3000 B.C. Egypt
One of the most advanced civilizations exploited vast gold deposits to create wonders – fine jewelry, ornaments to adorn their dead, leaves for exquisite cuisine, as payment, etc. A privilege reserved for kings.

2500 B.C. Mesopotamia
Gold is worshiped, and used almost exclusively in sacred temples. Even before being money itself, it was highly valued.

14th Century. Italy
Marco Polo describes the wonders of Japan “the land of gold”, a paradise of golden colours which was also reflected in Italian Renaissance art.

16th Century. Latin America
Spanish conquistadors land in the New World in awe before the high amounts of gold. Soon thereafter began the ambitious search of El Dorado, the legendary city of gold, in Colombia and Venezuela.

19th Century. North America
A plethora of people flock to U.S. West Coast in what would be called the 'California Gold Rush'. This rush led to bottom-up development of gold mining techniques, the creation of cities, and progress in the country.

Gold has come a long way and overcame any and every adversity to be with us here today. Buying physical gold constitutes the most solid armor for your capital for years, backed by a stable demand in diverse sectors, safe-haven role in the gold market against any economic upheavals, and many more

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