State-of-the-art solution for all-colors gold!

Perhaps gold's title of “yellow metal” could be outdated soon, giving way to a more suitable one like “chameleon metal”.

Scientists have developed new techniques to turn this noble metal into any color. Discover how!

Pure gold is found in natural state with a slightly reddish yellow color. When alloyed with silver, copper and other metals can turn gold into a wide range of colors.

But, what if you could change the color of gold with in a much more innovative way?

Optoelectronics is the branch of science that can answer this question. Scientists from Southampton, the United Kingdom, have found the way to add gold any shade using ground-breaking technology.

As the human eye distinguishes only a limited spectrum of colors, the scientists found a way to change humans' perception of color. How does it work? The secret lies on the fact that gold absorbs blue light rays.

To add a different color to gold, it is needed to cut microscopic patterns of different shapes and depth on the surface. Then the electron frequency is changed in such a way that it reflects a different color.

Scientists claim that this technique can be used by engineers who plate metals, jewelers and professionals of other areas. This is particularly good news for those who focus on innovations in products with this precious metal for luxury and technology lovers.

Regardless of the color, its ability to protect capital against economic upheavals remains intact. The purchase of gold has always been a wise choice to protect money.
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