The mysterious story of the Staffordshire Hoard

13 centuries ago some strangers rode their horses on their way home carrying riches with them. The road was of ill repute, so they decided to hide the booty so nobody could steal it. And there it lied until the 5th day of the 7th month of 2009r, when a person named Terry Herbert found it. What happened next?

What secrets does the Staffordshire hoard keep? Is there a possibility to buy something as valuable as this treasure? Read the article and find it out.

The treasure found near the county of Staffordshire, England contained about 3500 fragments and around 100 whole units of elite weapons made using the technique of filigree, and decorated with refined enamel which have a huge value. One question gives no rest to archaeologists: why is the majority of items bent or damaged?

One of the possible reasons is the use of these objects for rituals. People used to bend or break objects which belonged to the dead so that those alive would lose interest on those objects, and also the person who died could use them wherever he went.

In those times life was considered to be full of magic and miracles, and gold was attributed magical properties. Given this reason, there were three items found in the Staffordshire Hoard,that were not for military purposes, but for rituals: two golden crosses and one golden plate with a text from the Bible engraved. People honored gold as a powerful amulet even more that as a rare metal with excellent physical properties.

Terry Herbert, the person who found the treasure, is one of the numerous lucky gold owners. It must not be forgotten though that he was just lucky. Gold hoards are not easy to find. The option for those who want to create a gold reserve, buying gold bars is far more easy, and profitable nowadays.

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