Egon von Greyerz's forecast about the perfect storm that would skyrocket gold prices

The world is at the threshold of serious economic upheavals. Egon von Greyerz, Matterhorn Asset Management founder, has revealed why the right time to buy gold is now.

Read the article and find out what happens at the backstage of the finance world!

Something is brewing in the finance world, as assumed by the the finance expert Egon von Greyerz, better known after forecasting an important quantitative easing.

According to the expert this change is impending. However people prefer to ignore the possible coming crash of global economy and asset markets. The perfect storm could reach the finance world after a few months if asset markets decreased by 25-30% and gold prices would then jump to $2000.

Greyerz is sure that the 100-year bubble of credit will explode in the nearest future. That would lead to a growing importance of gold's role in the market as a secure way to protect capital.

There are several factors which favor the growth of gold prices...

and the crash of paper assets is the main one. In the Western market the shortage of the precious metal is very noticeable given the high demand by Eastern countries such as India and China. According to the expert's forecast, this year China will buy around 2000 tons of gold, and India will buy around 1000 tons. In comparison, the Western gold mines produce around 2,500 tons of the yellow metal annually.

The buying of gold can stabilize the situation

Greyerz claims that if the asset markets starts to collapse, people will start to protect their funds purchasing physical yellow metal. September 2015 will or will not show a new historic record of gold prices.

If Greyerz is right, gold will play the leading role protecting funds both in global and individual economies. Many people have already started to take care of their welfare: they have bought investment-grade gold bars in the Global InterGold Online Gold Shop. The Online Gold Shop clients run their own gold business and receive high and stable income.

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