Knock, knock! Gold standard is at your door.

The global economy is living a watershed moment. People is becoming more aware of the importance of saving their money safely and reliably, determined to i improve their standard of living.

Alasdair Macleod of recently shared his view on the current situation and how gold can be the safe answer. Find out why!

Ever since the abandonment of the gold standard, the world economy is trapped in a boom-and-bust cycle. Given the fact that an uncertain economic environment prevails, many experts have long been considering the most plausible solutions. In a recent interview, Alasdair Macleod of explained what has taken us here and the most reliable way out.

What is causing the main financial problems worldwide?

Macleod blames “unsound money”- money that can be issued any time. The recipe works as follows: banks grant credits and prints money at their free will, which results in the fact that more than 90% of the money in circulation is fictitious.

Give it some cooking time and it will end up with a huge bank debt, subsequently rescued by the government, bringing about crises such as the ones lived nowadays in the euro zone. And all the economies in the world are based on debt. For instance, when you are stuck in a traffic jam, all the cars around you do not represent wealth, but debt.

How could gold standard become the ideal solution?

The expert declared the goalposts of the economy could be moved, even just at a national level. If gold standard was implemented in a country, it would put an end to the economic problems stemming from “unsound money” and the concept of saving would be again a part of everyday life.

The main problem brought about by this sort of money is inflation - the factor which transfers the wealth of the vast majority of the population and gives it to a small minority. Already nowadays, gold's limited quantity turns it into the most reliable protection against inflation.

With or without gold standard, the precious metal can be accumulated today to secure a stable financial future.

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