What secret does the famous “The Kiss” by Gustav Klimt keep?

Gold and culture are two notions that go side by side. Why did the famous work of art by Gustav Klimt become so popular? What secret does it keep?

Read the article and learn about the value and secrets of “The Kiss”!

Gustav Klimt's pieces of art caused scandal and were highly criticized, until he presented “The Kiss”, the main painting of his “Golden Phase” from 1899 to 1910. Gold has always been associated with mystery, secrets, same as material values and prosperity, and beyond any doubt, it played a key role in the growing popularity of this painting.

The painting is interesting due to many of its aspects, mainly the gold leaf technique. The layers of gold leaf remind of medieval paintings, while it highlights the deep meaning of this work of art. Besides the golden background, the dresses of the lovers shine brighter.

The meaning conveyed by the Austrian painting combines the value of the painting and carelessness by the couple. The technique and the meaning of the painting are combined in a beautiful manner, expressing the uncertainty of the place, which creates the feeling of existence regardless of time and space, of not being subject to social and economic storms. This connotation fully represents the status of gold in the world, as it has been the shield against economic blows.

The symbolism of this work of art is also represented in the angular shapes of the man and roundish shapes of the woman, who are covered by a golden attire. The same way as gold shelters the capital of those who own it against and protects it with its economic properties.

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