Exclusive video of Global InterGold clients' journey in Saint Petersburg!


Have you heard of the trip of businesspeople from Mexico, Italy, Spain, France, Japan, Israel, South Korea, Germany, Ukraine and many cities of Russia?

It is time to see it with your own eyes!

It is difficult to find a tourist who would remain indifferent to Saint Petersburg. It is a huge city in the borders of Russia and Europe, a treasure of the unique cultural heritage of the country, and at the same time a modern business center.

Why did the Global InterGold Online Gold Shop clients choose to visit Saint Petersburg? Which historic places and monuments did they visit, and which ones will have to wait for their next visit?

Watch the video about the most outstanding guests belonging to the gold world and see the wonders of the Russian cultural capital!

Read more about the important event held in Saint Petersburg, in which the Online Gold Shop clients took part:

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