So you've decided to buy investment gold

When aiming at creating a solid basis for personal economy, the purchase of gold is the first thing that comes out of any expert's lips given the shield against negative economic factors this precious metals offers.

But among that wide range of investment gold, what to choose? Find out the facts to remember when buying gold.

All what surrounds us has a certain amount of influence in our decisions. One of the best examples is the meaning our cultural heritage ascribes to certain objects, a meaning that comes unconsciously whenever somebody wonders whether such objects are a good buy.

When it comes to investment gold, the range of possibilities is usually between bars and coins: coins related to the noble, yet somewhat old-fashioned, discipline of numismatic; bars as the object of the greatest thefts in the history of cinema (and reality), exotic booties in tales of pirates, etc.

Coming back to reality, reliable facts are what must be born in mind when purchasing investment gold. It is a decision that should not be taken lightly.

After a thorough analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of both golden products, according to the point of view of renowned experts in the global market, these are the main points to be taken into account:

  1. Lower premiums when compared to spot price: when looking for the best price of investment gold it must be remembered the premium over the current spot price that you are about to pay for gold bars, gold coins, etc. And, althought it depends mostly on the market and there have been exceptions along history, the purchase of gold bars is guaranteed with a lower premium over spot in comparison with gold coins.
  2. Quality: the days of biting the coin to prove its authenticity are over, and have given way to products which purity, quality and validity can be proven at first sight. For that, gold bars have the name of the producer, plus the karats stamped on their surface.
  3. Variety: while gold coins offer a more aesthetical appearance with different drawings and engravings that make them unique, most experts suggest buyers to narrow their focus on variety of weights, reminding gold bars have a wider range in this matter. One more additional advantages is: the heavier the gold bar, the cheaper the price per gram.
  4. Demands: for most experts with expertise in the gold field, gold coins are left out on a limb mainly for passionate collectors, although their value may serve their owners when the time comes. But for practical people with financial matters on view, gold bars are the order of the day for the creation of a personal gold reserve, and increasing individual's capital.
Global InterGold Online Gold Shop offers high quality physical investment gold bars by the most important producers worldwide. The clients have the opportunity, not just to create their personal gold reserve, but also to gain additional income thanks to the profitable opportunities of the shop.

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