Gold mine or Amusement park?

What do you think about when you hear the phrase “gold mine”? Perhaps, your brain draws the pictures of miners underground working hard breaking a sweat.

A few people would imagine green trees, fountains, roller coasters and sculptures of golden deers, but that is the reality in the amusement park Gold Reef City, located in the place of the old gold mine.

Read the article and learn peculiar details about the amazing place!

The Gold Reef City is a park of entertainment situated in the capital of South Africa. The park in question is located where an old gold mine used to be until it stopped its production in 1970. Every building and object in the park is decorated to convey the unique atmosphere of the well-known gold rush, including the costumes of the workers.

What attractions can be found in the park?

Firstly, a museum of gold mining which explains every visitor the overall process of gold mining, including exhibits of barrels in which the liquid metal was poured and all sort of details.

Secondly, exciting attractions such as a roller coaster, ferris wheels, river rides. One of the most exciting attractions is the Tower of Terror for people with no fear neither of heights, nor speed. This attraction is considered to be the highest and fastest in all Africa.

Thirdly, there are shows such as singing performances of Idols South Africa which delight the tourists. There is also recreation zone with hotels and restaurants, and for history lovers there are excursions to the mine that used to be the deepest one in the world.

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