Global InterGold clients enjoyed a magnificent evening in the most unconventional restaurant in Saint Petersburg!

The marvelous boat-restaurant River Lounge warmly welcomed representatives of the gold culture on its board to celebrate the presentation of the Global InterGold Online Gold Shop, the shop selling physical gold bars. It was the clients' first journey along the Neva river, accompanied by the music of a saxophone.

Find out about the most exciting moments that made this trip unforgettable!

Gold is indicator of status and welfare. Gold belongs to those people who strive for a high standard of living.

On June 21, a day after the launching ceremony and presentation of Global InterGold Online Gold Shop, the elegant and sumptuous River Lounge boat became the place which gathered the clients already united by their trust in the precious metal.

What did they find on the boat-restaurant?

  • Festive dinner, friendly atmosphere and lively communication
  • One of the best DJs in the Russian city and a professional saxophone player
  • Dance floor on the top of the River Lounge boat.
  • Fire show on the bank of the Neva river.
  • Delicacies throughout the whole evening.

Learn more details about the event on the official website!

Become a part of this historic event!

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