The Global InterGold Online Gold Shop presentation has been a historic event!

Businessmen from Italy, Mexico, France, Spain, Israel, South Korea, Japan... arrived at the cultural capital of Russia to become part of the new history of gold. It was the launching of the Global InterGold Online Gold Shop, which sells physical investment gold bars, what began this era of gold.

Learn more details about the grand launch!

The world is at the threshold of major changes, and gold is the key to open that door. Since time immemorial, gold has been indicator of status, power and wealth; wealth on its own; and nowadays the protector of wealth.

The concept of saving and multiplying capital via selling and buying gold is not an innovation, it has been done by humanity for several decades. Now it is a cutting-edge trend available for everyone aimed at improving the overall standard of living of people.

This concept is the basis of the new Global InterGold Online Gold Shop, whose activity is to provide the precious metal in the form of physical investment gold bars that fit easily in every pocket. The launch of the Online Gold Shop Global InterGold is a huge step in the development of the gold business, and the reaching of a high international level for which the company has strived along the years.

Learn the details of the launching ceremony of the Global InterGold Online Gold Shop.

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