Factors which influence the gold market with 100% guarantee (part 2)

From the previous article about the factors that influence the gold market we have touched upon two of them: supply vs demand and gold production. But the ongoing changes in the market require a deeper understanding, and thus learning many more circumstances which could be given globally.

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Global InterGold: peculiarities of gold reserves

Government reserves have an important role to play in price formation as well. Over the last years it has been observed a tendency by the central banks to replenish their gold reserves, bringing about a soar in prices, also rooting from the supply and demand law.

Global InterGold: the industry cannot survive without gold

Gold production is another important point which cannot be left out, in particular, it concerns jewelry sector. Gold is not only a safe-haven asset, it has been used for making jewelry for thousands of years. Approximately half of the world demand for gold accounts for jewelry, and the biggest consumers of this type of products are China, India and the US.

Moreover, in some parts of India gold is used along with paper money. Constant demand for gold keeps gold prices at a high level in this country. In its turn, in China gold and golden color are considered symbols of opulence. If we take into account the blooming Chinese economy the conclusion that can be drawn is that Chinese people spend their money on buying gold.

It must not be forgotten that apart from the jewelry industry there are other sectors where gold is highly demanded. 12% of the world demand for gold goes to other sectors of industry, such as electronics and medicine. The yellow metal is widely used in modern technology, for instance in the manufacturing of sensor screens, microcircuits and wires. As to medicine, one of these 'break throughs' in this area is the usage of gold nanoparticles to deliver medicines to injured organs of the human body.

Not in vain people highly appreciate this universal metal and prefer to buy it if they have an opportunity. The Global InterGold clients buy physical investment gold bars of the highest quality and purity to build a prosperous future.

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