Factors which influence the gold market with 100% guarantee (part 1)

The gold market is a complicated mechanism the structure of which it is difficult to understand fully. However, there are certain elements which prevail in the market the knowing of which provides a more robust understanding. What are these elements?

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Global InterGold: supply vs. demand. Would you like to have gold?

The main rule in supply and demand states that a lower supply and high demand bring about high prices, while on the contrary, a high supply and low demand knock down prices. Judging upon some estimations, gold reserves will be exhausted in several decades. Consequently, the limit of supply, and probably the higher demand, will skyrocket prices. Unfortunately, gold is not a nonrenewable natural resource. This factor will impact the global gold market considerably, in particular those countries where gold has high cultural value, for instance, India and China.

Global InterGold: gold production

Another factor which influences gold market is gold production. According to archaeologists, the production of gold has been continued for a minimum of 5000 years, and since mining techniques were developed, each year 2.500 metric tons of gold are produced.

Obviously, the factors which influence gold prices are not limited to two. You will learn about other factors in subsequent articles.

As a conclusion the elements influencing gold market are interconnected. And, the more factors are taken into account, the more precise the forecast about the future developments in the gold market will be.

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