Buying gold can save Switzerland


Switzerland is known as one of the most prosperous countries in the world, yet it cannot escape forever from negative economic factors.

Read this piece of news of Global InterGolds and find out the current situation in Switzerland and how buying gold can improve it!

According to the opinion of several economists, Switzerland can start going through tough times by the end 2015. The reason for this supposition is the late slowdown in economic growth in the country. If the worst comes to the worst, the Alpine Republic could even experience a recession.

The population of Switzerland, more specifically every person related to the banking sector, ought to be ready for any serious difficulty which could take place in the country. Economists say the banking sector authorities of Zurich must prepare for the country's VAT in 2015 can decrease by 0.5%.

In the beginning of the current year, the situation of the economy of the Alpine Republic seemed quite positive. The analysts gave their forecast about the VAT, according to which it could grow by 1,9%. However on January 15 the Central Bank of Switzerland unexpectedly refused from pegging the Swiss franc to euro any longer.

Since abandoning the Swiss fran-ceuro ceiling, the Swiss frank has obtained even more strength and stability, leading to a growth in the franc/euro exchange rate to 1:1. Previously the cost of franc was stable at 1.20 euros). Moreover, the Swiss franc rate grew in comparison to other main currencies in the world.

Due to high rate of the national currency, the Swiss export goods became considerably more expensive, and, consequently, less competitive. The experts say that as the result of franc's higher cost, the demand for goods will fall by 1.4%.

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