Gold Apple Watches, dog edition


If time is money and time is gold, then money is gold. The Internet continues witnessing stories regarding the cutting edge gold Apple Watches, the last one is addressed for quite a different audience.

What is the new audience of this famous watch? Read the article and find it out!

The innovative gold-plated Apple Watches have been gaining more and more popularity since they were launched in the marketplace. The combination of the latest technology and the symbolism of luxury and wealth of gold has attracted buyers around the globe.

One more proof has been the latest sansationalist piece of news which arrived from China. The husky of Wang Sicon, son of the Chinese billionaire Wang Jianlin became famous after his owner posted photos of him wearing two gold Apple watches, as reported by the British news portal Telegraph.

Mr. Wang is the 27 year old son of Wang Lianlin, the chair of the biggest Chinese commercial company whose name appared in Forbes as one of the richest people in the world. The personal wealth of the billionaire is £24.7 billion, slightly reduced after Mr Wang Sicon bought the gold watches for 13,000 € each.

China is famous for its love for gold, golden jewelry and everything concerning this precious metal. It can be recalled that China is one of the countries which aims at replenishing its gold reserves. It occupies the 6th place among countries in the top of largest gold reserves, giving in to Russia, France, Italy, Germany and the US. However the amount of existing gold reserve of China is not clear, as the last time the country published its data dates several years back.

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